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Adding Value to Your Vision

Adding Value to Your Vision

We know you started your business with a unique vision and a lot of courage. For us, adding value to your vision, means supporting your long-term strategy and daily operations through our financial expertise and ongoing support. Whether you own a café, a healthcare clinic, a consulting company or another business, we can help you scale and sustain your goals through a full suite of tailored services.


Structure your idea

Starting a business involves many upfront decisions, including selecting a solid legal structure and efficient financial systems. Sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations hold unique characteristics surrounding control and liability, along with their own tax implications. There are other legal requirements to consider as well, including your company’s registration with the government and any permits or licenses that may apply. Selecting your banking and accounting systems is also critical to your financial management and maintenance. Navigating your options at an early stage with a trusted advisor, will enable you to make smarter decisions about your resources and long-term strategy.


Finance your vision

Communicating your vision to financial institutions is an incredibly important step in launching or expanding your business. A bank loan is a popular option for many small or midsize businesses (SMBs) looking to raise funds. Most banks offer loans for SMBs, to help owners invest in capital or other operational expenses. Provided you meet certain criteria, applying for a business loan can be a simple and effective way to increase your cash flow. Regardless of the institution you opt for, preparing a business plan is an efficient way to convey your company’s internal capabilities, competitive advantage, and viability. Lenders need to know how the funds will be used and if you will have the capacity to repay them. An accountant can help position your pitch with financial projections and improve your chances of getting the funds you need to fuel your business’s growth.


Maintain your accounts

Maintaining accounting records is critical to any business’ success in the short and long-term. As a business owner, your operations depend on a healthy cash flow and a sustainable financial forecast. From bookkeeping to preparing your financial statements, accountants can manage complex transactions, track trends over time, and generate insights for your next business decision. With a professional overlooking your accounting activities, you can focus more on managing your operations and generating more business opportunities.  


Plan your taxes

Canadian tax laws can be very complex and ever-evolving. Fortunately, many of these laws are designed to benefit small businesses, leaving room for significant tax savings and deductions. Depending on your business structure and nature of work, your tax obligations can greatly differ. In turn, how you choose to structure your business and your operations can directly impact your cash flow. Accountants are skilled at helping you navigate these tax laws and deadlines, so you can make the most of your hard-earned money.


Adding value to your vision, is our firm’s mission. If you are a small or midsized business owner seeking financial guidance, contact us for a consultation today.

Post on: Feb 20 2020
Published By: Ashish Tekriwal, CPA Professional Corporation
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